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Wireless Meets Your Home Phone
October 2003

  Laptop Magazine

What's the difference between your wireless cell phone service and your wired landline service? Nothing, provided you are connected to Phone Lab's new Dock-N-Talk Cellphone Station, a universal docking station/charger that allows consumers to use any corded or cordless phone to place and receive calls over a cellular network.

Once installed, Dock-N-Talk provides a plethora of convenient features starting with the ability to use more comfortable and ergonomic phones. Users can choose which service--wired or wireless--is most economical and can take better advantage of cellular rate plans that provide free night and weekend calls, free mobile-to-mobile calls or long distance savings.

Another benefit is the elimination of residential cellular "dead zones." By docking their cellphone in the best reception area, users can make calls anywhere in a home, office, or college dorm with their regular home phones. In some cases, landline service can be removed altogether.

Hooking up the Dock-N-Talk was quick and about as complicated as connecting a Caller ID box to a telephone. The device plugs into a RJ-11 telephone wall jack and a special cable connects your cell to the universal charging/docking station. Press the unit's Setup Ringing button and when your home phone rings, setup is finished!

If you want to use your landline service in conjunction with your cellular, you'll need two-line telephones. However, the device can be configured with any combination of single or two-line phones. Once connected, home phones can access cell phone features such as Caller-ID, voice dialing, and one-touch dialing. Separate ring tones distinguish between calls coming in through the landline or cellular service.
--Michael Cahlin

Dock-N-Talk Cellphone Station

Pricing: $139
Company: Phone Labs

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