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Fun and Funky Gadgets
From CeBIT's U.S. Debut
June, 2003


CeBIT America, an outgrowth of the huge German trade show, started Wednesday at the Javits Center in New York. The show is aimed at technology managers and executives -- not consumers -- so there aren't as many gadgets being shown off. Still, a handful of items got our attention. Some gizmos seemed fun, others looked useful, and others were just plain odd.

Make Your Mobile Phone Immobile For people who use a wireless service as their primary phone line, but would rather not talk on a handset, the "Dock-n-Talk" lets you access your cellphone service from any telephone in the house. Users place their cellphone in the Dock-n-Talk cradle, which plugs into the home phone jack, and can then make and accept cellphone calls from all the telephones in their home.

Dock-N-Talk lets users access their cell service from a regular phone.

Before you scratch your head and ask why anyone would want to trade the mobility of a cellphone for a regular old phone connected to a wall, the company that makes the device, Phone Labs Inc., suggests it might come in handy if the cellphone reception is better in certain areas of your house. People can set the cradle near a window where they get good reception, "but then have the flexibility to answer the phone elsewhere," says Phone Labs President Carl Lopp. Customers can also use the Dock-N-Talk to access both a wire line and cell service, and then choose which service is most economical for any given call, the company says. They can take advantage of unlimited evenings and weekends on their cellphone plan, but switch over to their regular service when it suits them. Mr. Lopp says the device could also be popular with people who fear cellphone radiation may be harmful, although there's a lack of hard evidence proving any adverse health effects from handsets. Closely held Phone Labs , Bridgeport, Conn., says Dock-n-Talk supports over 100 different phone models, including makes from Nokia Corp., Sony Ericsson, Motorola Inc. and Samsung Corp. Priced at $139.99, the device hits stores next month.-- Katherine Meyer contributed to this article.




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