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Visit Booth 4237 To See What All The Buzz Is About

Who: Telecom pioneer Carl G. Lopp, President of Phone Labs, unveils the Dock-n-Talk cell phone accessory, recipient of the 2003 International CES Innovation Award
What:Lopp’s Company, Phone Labs, is launching an accessory mid-July, 2003, that allows consumers to use their cell phone in their home and save money by taking full advantage of their cellular phone plans. It makes cell phone service just like wire line service.

The Dock-n-Talk adjunct is designed to allow users to “dock” their cell phone and “talk” on easy to use standard cordless or corded telephones to make and receive cell phone calls, especially in areas of the home where cell phone service is weak or unavailable. It uses existing home telephone wiring enabling consumers to either forgo wire line service or use wire line service together with cellular phone service and choose which service is less costly to use to make a call.

A telephone version of the device, the Unity telephone, can also send and receive SMS messages and shares call logs and phone directories with a cell phone. Cell phone Caller ID and message alerts can also be sent out to normal telephone sets throughout the house.

The product will be available for purchase at wireless retail stores, through cellular service providers and the Company’s web site at

Where:Enterprise Wireless Pavilion – Booth 4237

When:June 18-20, Jacob Javits Center, NYC

Contact:Stephanie Rudnick @ 917-538-2411



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