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US carrier offers landline phone for cellular calls
Friday May 13, 2005

Reported by Cellular News

The CDMA network operator, Snake River PCS has become one of the first cellular carriers in the United States to debut the Dock-N-Talk device. Dock-N-Talk, one element of NCI's unique "Cut the Landline Initiative," allows users to use their normal PTSN (landline telephone phone) to make and receive cellular phone calls. By attaching their cellular phone to the device, then plugging the Dock-N-Talk into any home's RJ-11 jack, cellular subscribers can now use their cellular service to power all their corded (and cordless) home telephones.

The Dock-N-Talk received the 2003 International CES Innovation Award, and has been positively reviewed by Business Week, TWICE and The Wall Street Journal. It also received the Editors Choice Award from Laptop Magazine. The product supports hundreds of cellular phone models.

"We are very excited about helping our customers use their cellular service in new ways," said Barbara Choate, Snake River PCS Supervisor. "Cellular service has so many wonderful features, and we want our subscribers to be able to benefit from those features in every location."


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