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The Dock-N-Talk™ supports connections to all Bluetooth equipped cell phones by attaching the Phone Labs Bluetooth Module. The cell phone will pair with the Dock-N-Talk and attached Bluetooth Module enabling a wireless Bluetooth connection between the devices. 

Any time you walk into to your home or office with your cell phone, it will be automatically connected to the Dock-N-Talk™ through the Bluetooth Module and is instantly ready to make or receive calls using your cellular service.  When you leave home or move out of bluetooth range, the Bluetooth Module will automatically disconnect the connection to your home phones and any active call will be continued on the cell phone.

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Since July of 2012, Phone Labs has been offering a new Bluetooth Module, Model BT03-B, which provides the latest Bluetooth 2.0 advanced features and improved performance. The new Bluetooth Module is supported with firmware versions starting with 1.47 for the Dock-N-Talk and 1.59 for the Unity and Enterprise Telephones. If you have an older firmware version, you may contact Phone Labs Support and have your product upgraded to the latest version.


An important new feature of the latest Bluetooth Module allows the user to pair up to 8 phones to the same Bluetooth Module. However, only one cell phone at a time can be actively connected to the Bluetooth Module. The new Bluetooth module can be identified by the model number of BT03-B on the back label.


Former firmware versions of the Dock-N-Talk™ and Unity and Enterprise Telephones™ will not be compatible with the new BT03-B Bluetooth Module. However, some of the prior versions of the Bluetooth Modules will continue to be compatible with the newest firmware versions.

Bluetooth devices transmit and receive in the 2.4Ghz frequency spectrum. There can be interference issues with using a Bluetooth device in the same area as 2.4Ghz cordless phones hybrid 5.8 Ghz cordless phones, devices using Wi-Fi 802.11b & 802.11g such as Laptops, Pads, printers, or other devices such as outdoor temperature sensors which also operate on the 2.4Ghz frequency. Since 2.4Ghz and hybrid 5.8 Ghz cordless phones, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and other devices can use high power signals in the same 2.4Ghz frequency, they can interfere with lower power signals such as Bluetooth.

For best results when using other 2.4Ghz devices, keep those devices as far away as possible from the Phone Labs Bluetooth Module and cell phone.


NOTE: The Push-To-Talk feature is not supported by Bluetooth at this time and may not in the future. The PTT feature is only supported with the older cable connection.

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